Wheel Alignment & Tyres

We supply and fit tyres for wheel rims (alloy, steel and special) up to 22-inches in diameter. In addition to this, we have the latest laser 4-wheel alignment/tracking equipment to help your tyres last longer and improve vehicle handling.

How will I know if I need the tracking/alignment checking?

If any of the following are evident, there maybe a problem with your vehicles wheel balancing or tracking/alignment:

  • Vibration or wobble felt through the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel is no longer centred when driving along a flat, straight road
  • The vehicle pulls to the left or right on a flat, straight road
  • The vehicle feels like it is shaking or vibrating, especially at motorway speeds
  • Tyres are scrubbing, showing signs of uneven wear or their tread depth reduces unusually quickly

Is there a difference between tracking and four-wheel alignment?

Yes: Tracking is an outdated term from the days when vehicles weren’t able to be adjusted in such precise ways when simple two-wheel alignment or ‘toe’ adjustment sufficed.

Only adjusting the front wheels will leave a vehicle’s rear wheels exposed to uneven tyre wear and other unwanted symptoms, so that’s why we offer full four-wheel laser alignment. This is sometimes referred to as ‘geometry’ or 3D alignment.

Neither tracking nor wheel alignment should be confused with balancing, which is simple in comparison and is (usually) done whenever tyres are changed.

What equipment do we use?

We use the latest generation of laser alignment from Hofmann Megaplan. This is the manufacturer used by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Wheel Alignment
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